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Deciding on what to eat can be stressful. It’s time to have deliciously planned meals delivered to you instead. Indulge with a curated selection of modern tingkats or eat clean with healthy meal plans.


The classic concept of home-cooked comfort, reimagined for modern palates. Turn your routine meals into a daily indulgence with premium yet affordable meal plans.

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Healthy Meal Plans

Committing to healthy meals can be hard. We make it easy with our selection of delicious and nutritious meals delivered to you daily.

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    Live More, Prep Less

    Why waste time in the kitchen and stress over meals when you can spend it on people and things that matter more?

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    Delicious Food, Guaranteed.

    Routines don't have to be boring. Specially curated by the Chope team, our meal plans are picked to satisfy even the fussiest of foodies.

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    Change It Up

    Preferences can change. Have some fun and switch things up whenever you want with our wide range of plans.

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    Bang For Your Buck

    With packages starting from just $5/meal, our affordable plans bring you everything you need without breaking the bank.


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    Can I customise the menu of my meal plan? icon-arrow-up
    Most merchants have a fixed menu and do not allow customisation. However, some merchants may allow you to indicate if you have any special requests or exclusions.
    Are the meal plans available for islandwide delivery? icon-arrow-up
    Most of our participating merchants deliver islandwide. However, there may be exclusions or additional delivery charges for specific locations. Do check the terms and conditions of your preferred meal plans before purchasing.
    Are the prices of each meal plan inclusive of delivery fees? icon-arrow-up
    Yes, delivery fees are included in the prices. However, some merchants charge an extra fee for delivery fee to certain areas, such as the Central Business District. Do check the terms and conditions of your preferred meal plan before purchasing.
    Can I select my preferred delivery timing for the meal plan? icon-arrow-up
    Currently, you are not able to select your preferred delivery timing. Estimated delivery timings for the meal plans are indicated in the terms and conditions.
    Can I use my gift card to purchase a meal plan? icon-arrow-up
    Definitely! Our gift cards are applicable for use on the meal plans.

    Premium Yet Affordable Tingkat & Healthy Meal Plan Delivery In Singapore

    Find yourself stressing about what to eat or cook every day? Why not consider getting a tingkat or meal plan for you and your family. Breakfast, lunch and dinner - all sorted for the week. Let us do the planning for you so you can focus your time and energy on the things and people who truly matter.

    Settle Your Daily Meals With Tingkat Lunch And Dinner Delivery 

    Have your lunch and dinner meals delivered right to your doorstep with our premium and affordable tingkat meal plan! Offering a variety of dishes, most tingkat delivery plans will allow you to choose either 3 dishes with 1 soup or 4 dishes. If you are new to this and want a tingkat trial package, we recommend that you get a 5 day meal delivery to assess if it suits you. You can always change it up and choose to purchase from another restaurant or caterer once your existing tingkat plan ends.

    Want to have premium and nutritious family meals everyday? Bring the restaurant dining experience back home to your kids with our modern Tingkats!

    Order a 10 day tingkat plan from Uncle Leong Signatures to enjoy a seafood-centric tze char fare everyday! Or if you prefer western delights, how about indulging in a modern tingkat from NJ Relish and you can enjoy Beef Bologenese and Pan Seared Fish and more! Or if you are just looking for wholesome meals that is perfect for the whole family, go for Love, Tingkat’s meal plans. They are the first Tingkat caterer in Singapore that offers a menu with zero canned food and zero processed food, so you can be assured that you are only getting the best meals from them!

    Healthy Meal Plans & Subscriptions For Weight Loss, Low-Carb Diet or Bulking

    We understand that maintaining a clean-eating regime can be hard work. Forget about recipe hunting, grocery shopping, ingredient weighing and cooking. Just leave the work to us to help you maintain your healthy-eating diet to achieve your fitness goals. And no - clean-eating does not necessarily mean bland and boring meals, you don’t have to compromise on taste to have healthy packed meals. Whether you are looking to shred some weight or bulk up, our healthy meal plans will be customised to your diet needs and sent straight to your doorstep!

    Finding it a hassle to count macros? You don’t need to with TROFI’s healthy meal plans! Densely packed with nutrients and optimised for macros, no more guesswork needed when planning your meals. Choose from a meat-lover plan, a meat-free plan or if you want the best of both worlds, just mix and match!

    Looking to lose some weight? We’ve got a range of weight loss meal plans for you to hit your beach body goals! No more counting calories because YOLO has already done it for you. Selling full day meal plans in 1000 Kcal, 1400 Kcal or 1800 Kcal per meal, these wholesome and tasty meal plans are perfect for your fitness journey. As they say, it’s 70% diet and 30% exercise.

    Get Your Daily Meals Sorted With Chope’s Meal Plans & Tingkat

    Get a week’s or a month’s worth of meals sorted when you purchase our tingkat or healthy meal plans. Simply select your preferred meal plan or tingkat, your preferred meal options and start date and checkout. After which,  just sit back and wait for your meals to be delivered to you daily. Do note that most of our restaurants and tingkat caterers will require you to purchase your meal plan a few working days in advance. 

    More FAQs

    What are some of the tingkats and meal plans available on Chope?
    Ordering for one? We recommend getting the well-balanced and nutritious full-day meal plans from YOLO. Or if you are looking for a meal for you and your other half, indulge in classic Cantonese fare with the 5-day or 7-day meal plan from Yàn Cantonese Cuisine.

    How much do the tingkats and meal plans cost?
    Prices of our tingkats and meal plans start from $6.16 per meal.

    Are the meal plans available for islandwide delivery?
    Most of our participating merchants deliver islandwide. However, there may be exclusions or additional delivery charges for specific locations. Do check the terms and conditions of your preferred meal plans before purchasing.

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